Becoming Real

2013 Year in Review

Sandals Church began 17 years ago with five people in a tiny living room. If you had told me then that we would eventually be where we are today, I don't think I would have believed you. But today I see that God has generously blessed Sandals Church and we are getting the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ with more people every week.

This year, I'm excited to share an overview of what God has done at Sandals Church in 2013 to celebrate some amazing moments and give you a better idea of our current attendance, involvement and budget for the year. Our desire is to be real, open and transparent with what God has entrusted to us and empower more people to be a part of what God is doing here.

Matt Brown, Lead Pastor

Every Seat is a Story

5,020 Average Weekly Attendance
A 25% increase over 2012
Main Campus 4,228
1,176 children 3,052 adults
Woodcrest 792
228 children 564 adults
People from 130 different countries have visited Sandals Church Online
Online 577
*Darker colors denote higher concentration of viewers.
588 Baptisms
"God wants to use Sandals Church to reach people for Jesus. That's the only reason we're here, because Jesus saves."
Pastor Matt Brown

New Stories Start Every Day

214Middle & High School 424Babies & Preschool 547Elementary
31% of Sandals Church Are Children

Real Change Happens in Relationship

1,513 People in 157 Community Groups
300 Frontside students in groups
160 Pipeline students in groups
223 People in Real Healing
625 Women in Cultivate Study
400 Men in Man School

We're Better Together

595 Active Volunteers Each Week
"You don't know what kind of rejoicing is going to happen on that day when Jesus Christ returns and people are saved because of a simple act of service that you did."
Pastor Matt Brown

The Gospel Must Go

1 Staff Member Committed Full-time
to Ministry on Campus at UCR
Our goal is 10
3 Teams Engaged in Global Missions
40 People Sent to Chicago
$50,000 Given to Support Church Planting
Since 2012, Sandals Church has given over $277,000 to help plant Real Church Chicago

Everything Belongs to God

Total Income $6,877,911
Offering $5,421,918
Building Fund $876,927
Other* $579,066
Assets $24,840,322
− Cash $2,726,281
− Pledges Receivable $5,037,762
− Fixed Assets $16,824,966
− Other Receivables $251,312
Liabilities $16,093,181
− Building Loan $10,587,033
− Deferred Revenue $4,933,364
− Accounts Payable/Accruals $572,784
Total Expenses $6,781,877
Staffing $2,588,444
Admin & Facilities $1,148,211
Ministry $1,371,538
Building Fund** $858,531
Debt $482,889
Missions $332,264
* This includes rental income, ministry revenue from classes, book purchases and benevolence giving throughout the year.
** Includes patio build out, design and engineering costs, and facility upgrades.

Annual Giving by Household

3,569 People gave to Sandals Church
An Increase of 9% over 2012
824 23% $0-50
762 21% $50-200
527 15% $200-500
703 20% $500-2000
17% of annual income comes from 79% of our donors
394 11% $2000-5000
232 6.5% $5000-10000
127 3.5% $10000+
83% comes from 21% of our donors

Each year, Sandals Church undergoes a full financial audit with a Certified Public Accounting (C.P.A.) firm. Our financial records and our internal processes are audited to ensure that we are compliant with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. By reviewing our internal controls, the C.P. A. firm ensures we have proper approval processes and cash handling processes to protect staff, volunteers and the church as a whole. Our Board of Directors reviews our financial statements throughout the year and approves the Sandals Church annual budget.

In the book of Acts, Jesus makes this statement, "You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." In saying that, he not only laid out the plan for Christians throughout history, he also laid out the blueprint for the future of Sandals Church.

We call it REACH.

REACH is about community, generosity and shared struggle. We know that, as the Bible says, a cord made of three strands is not easily broken. This fall, hundreds of families from Sandals Church joined together to REACH up to God in acts of worship, REACH out to our community in love and REACH deep within ourselves to multiply our effectiveness and influence and take the vision of being real further than ever before.

We want to thank every one of you who made a REACH commitment. God is using Sandals Church to make an eternal impact throughout the world and we are inspired by the amazing generosity of our church.

Enlarge your house; build an addition. Spread out your home, and spare no expense! For you will soon be bursting at the seams. Your descendants will occupy other nations And resettle the ruined cities.
Isaiah 54:2-3

To date, we have received 1,696 pledges totaling $5,142,090. While we haven’t hit our $8.3 million target yet, we are encouraged and thankful for every person who chose to REACH deep within themselves and up to God, so that we can REACH out to others with the good news of Jesus Christ.

1,696 Total Pledges
$3,032 Average Pledge
Cash Received
In Pledges

The REACH campaign is still in process and has not ended. We’re hopeful that our total will continue to increase as we receive pledges from individuals who have not yet taken the opportunity to participate.

Reach Donor Profile

Gift Range Number of Donors Percent of Donors Average Gift
$0-500 491 28.95% $172
$500-1,500 377 22.23% $1,012
$1,500-3,000 379 22.35% $2,329
$3,000-6,000 257 5.15% $4,713
$6,000-10,000 83 4.89% $8,599
$10,000-20,000 89 5.25% $13,415
$20,000-30,000 15 0.88% $24,226
$30,000-40,000 1 0.06% $35,000
$40,000-50,000 2 0.12% $48,000
$50,000-100,000 2 0.12% $89,768
1,696 100% $3,032

Looking Ahead to 2014

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