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I am still amazed by the incredible year we had at Sandals Church. From opening a new 2,300-seat auditorium and our third location to launching an effort to send 100 people to reach the lost in India. I believe we’re just getting started and that God has so much more in store for us.

Every step of the way has been a miracle and this year was no different. Jesus is building Sandals Church and he is doing it through people like you.

Matt Brown, Lead Pastor


Total Income $9,373,213
Offering $6,910,107
Building Fund $1,298,319
Other* $1,164,787
Assets $28,502,610
− Cash $2,517,099
− Receivable $1,095,482
− Fixed Assets $23,619,024
− Other Receivables $1,271,005
Liabilities $16,946,505
− Building Loan $16,410,856
− Accounts Payable/Accruals $535,649
Total Expenses $7,684,363
Operations $933,806
Facilities $1,384,738
Ministries $4,928,210
Missions $379,609
Savings $58,000
* This includes registration for Summer Camp, Sports Week, RAT, Merchandise Sales, Cafe Income and various class registration.

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