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This was another incredible year at Sandals Church and hundreds of people started joining us regularly on the weekends at our three locations. More and more people are coming to Sandals Church to figure out what it means to be real on the weekends and are beginning to work out this vision in groups and live it out on teams throughout the week.

God is clearly moving at Sandals Church and I am so thankful for every single person he has brought through our doors. I know incredibly things are in store as we continue to pursue being real with ourselves, God and others.

Matt Brown, Lead Pastor


Total Income $9,875,834
Offering $8,513,537
Building Fund $364,728
Other* $997,569
Assets $28,757,841
− Cash $3,079,480
− Fixed Assets $24,712,322
− Other Receivables $966,039
Liabilities $16,830,688
− Building Loan $15,571,824
− Accounts Payable/Accruals $1,258,864
Total Expenses $7,514,249
Operations $1,543,459
Facilities $1,894,061
Ministries $3,639,064
Missions $379,275
Savings $58,390
* This includes registration for Summer Camp, Sports Week, RAT, Merchandise Sales, Cafe Income and various class registration.

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