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This year was monumental for Sandals Church. From opening three new locations and announcing another two more campuses to open in 2018, we have nearly doubled our locations in just one year. Coupled with seeing our average attendance grow by 23%, there is no doubt that God is moving here.

On top of that, 2017 brought the opportunity to celebrate our 20th anniversary as a church. Reaching this milestone has been equally humbling and inspiring as Tammy and I have looked back at how far we’ve come and have begun to look ahead at what we believe God has in store for Sandals Church in the next 20 years.

I am incredibly honored to be a part of what God is doing at Sandals Church and seeing this movement of authenticity continue to grow and spread across Southern California is a dream come true. Here’s to another year of being real with ourselves, God and others.

-Pastor Matt Brown

Sandals Church celebrated our 20th anniversary and Pastor Matt laid out his vision to plant 500 churches.


Total Income $12,718,838
Offering $11,184,366
Other* $1,534,471
Assets $41,190,906
− Cash $5,166,211
− Fixed Assets** $35,614,443
− Other Receivables $410,252
Liabilities $19,695,778
− Building Loan $18,186,120
− Accounts Payable/Accruals $1,509,658
Total Expenses $11,246,019
Operations $2,078,041
Facilities $2,009,727
Ministries $6,517,164
Missions $584,544
Savings $56,543
* This includes registration for Summer Camp, Sports Week, RAT, Merchandise Sales, Cafe Income and various class registration.
** Assets are evaluated using fair market value

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