10,000+ new guests
1,013 baptisms
339 new small groups
10 added service times
3 new campuses

Help us finish strong!

None of this would have been possible without people like you choosing to join God and give toward what he is doing here at Sandals Church. Whether you give regularly to Sandals Church, you’re participating in The Momentum Project or you’re thinking about giving for the first time, now is a great opportunity to help us finish 2018 strong and make way for us to do even more in 2019! Join us as we help more people become real with themselves, God and others by making a year-end gift by December 31.

You can also bring your gift to any service between now and the end of the year, including our year-end services the weekend of December 29-30.

Sandals Church is a nonprofit organization that relies fully on donations from people like you. Give your year-end gift to Sandals Church by Sunday, December 30 to ensure your gift is included in your 2018 tax records.