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Closing Sandals Church Eastvale

Tue May 25 News

Hey Sandals Church Eastvale family, 

We want to share some important news with you that is the result of many months of analysis, prayer and two years of diligent efforts to find a permanent home for the Eastvale campus. The reality we’re facing, especially through the Covid-19 pandemic, is that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to do ministry in community centers and schools. Because of this, we have made the difficult decision to close our Eastvale campus.

This is a significant and difficult decision for so many reasons, especially because we love the people who make up this campus. There have been many incredible stories that have grown out of our ministry there for the past two years. We know this decision will be accompanied by a measure of sadness for those of us who have been deeply invested here. 

Why this decision?

After two years of ministry and diligently searching for a permanent home for our Eastvale Campus, we have been unsuccessful to date. Without a space of our own, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to provide a consistent and excellent experience for the people who attend our campus.

What’s next?

What campus should I attend now? There are multiple campuses within driving distance that we would love to help you get connected to. Every campus has phenomenal kids and youth ministry for your children to attend. Even the very team you volunteer on at Eastvale will be available for you to keep serving and making a difference at a different campus of your choice.

What about my small group? Nothing changes for your small group, and you can stay together. Your small group leader will choose what campus your group will connect to. The leaders will be a part of that campus’s group structure. 

It’s my top priority to assist our Eastvale community with staying connected to each other and to God’s plans for us through Sandals Church. I’m here to help you meet the staff at other campuses, transfer volunteer roles to a new campus or however God is stirring your heart. Please fill out the “Connection Survey” below so I’ll know how to better serve you and your family. 

I know that I speak for the rest of the Sandals Church family when I say that we look forward to welcoming you with open arms at one of our other campuses! Thank you for your faithful service to Jesus. God has produced fruit through you that will endure for eternity.