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Groups Re-Entry Plan

At Sandals Church we know that personal connection is an essential part of both health and discipleship. Our groups are a key environment where those connections happen.

As part of our plan to reopen Sandals Church, we are excited to offer the option for our groups to meet in person if they would like to. If some or all of the group members would prefer not to meet in person, video is always available for all or some of the group members. 

If some in a group do choose to meet in person, here are some guidelines we recommend they follow.

  • Wear a mask while together and practice social distancing of at least 6 feet between one other (except for immediate family members that came together). 
  • We suggest that the group meet outside if possible with enough space to accommodate social distancing
  • We are asking our group members to abide by the following guidelines. 
    • Anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 should stay home. 
    • If you are in a vulnerable category please consider whether attending a group in person is the best option.
    • Please take your temperature at home and if it is above 99.9, stay home and contact your doctor.
  • We are also recommending that those with kids carefully consider whether bringing their kids to group in person is wise.