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The world is changing faster than ever before, making agility both a mindset and a skillset that are essential for today’s leaders. If you want to be leading change — not led by it — you have to be agile.

This fall, the Sandals Church Virtual Leadership Conference is bringing together leaders in business, entrepreneurship and ministry to teach on one of the most important aspects of leadership today – AGILITY.

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Main Sessions

Watch the conference sessions on demand at the links below

Who you listen to matters, especially in leadership. Matt Brown shares the secret to leadership that he wishes he would have known when he was starting out.

Are people more familiar about what you, your business or your non-profit are against than what you are for? Jeff Henderson, Author of Know What You’re FOR, shares the most effective growth strategy for you, your businesses and your nonprofit—closing the gap between what you want to be known FOR and what are you known FOR?

Hear from Tony Morgan as he has a conversation with Dan Zimbardi on what’s really going on with leadership in the church today and what causes a pastor, a board or a church to be stuck—and how to get “Unstuck.”


Dan Zimbardi leads the conversation with our panel of industry experts about what cultural shifts are impacting their organizations, how they lead when the people they lead are remote and what key changes they have made to remain an agile leader.

Dan Zimbardi has invited a select panel of conference speakers to answer your questions about leadership, managing change and agility live at the close of our conference. Questions can be sent in at

Hear from Tony Morgan as he has a conversation with Dan Zimbardi on what’s really going on with leadership in the church today and what causes a pastor, a board or a church to be stuck—and how to get “Unstuck.”

Breakout Sessions: The One Talks

One big idea in 11 minutes

What will it take for the church’s voice to matter? Why are our best leaders not leading the church and what can be done about it? Dan Zimbardi shares his vision for closing what he calls the Leadership Gap.

What ladder are you climbing? The ladder of success can be a ladder to nowhere. Alexis shares that leaders who lead with humility in service increase their value and fuels their purpose.

Most people desire to have influence. But many times we don’t know how to actually get it. The truth is, no one is entitled to influence. It must be earned. In this session Melody will share two crucial steps to help you gain the influence you desire.

Many people have asked, “What is the secret to successfully merging with nine churches?” In his talk, Ron McCoy shares the one thing that is present in all successful church mergers and the secret to the ROGO Foundations success.

After spending a combined 40 years in service to the black church and the white church, Jeff has gained the insight and personal experience most of us will never have, but all of us need. Listen to Jeff as he shares why we need each other and the message he has for both.

In times like these, the loss of normal can either paralyze you or motivate you to seek the path to new opportunities. Avery shares that when opportunity knocks, the door you answer— if you choose to answer it—could be the difference maker.

Devo and Donna share how God is with us in uncomfortable seasons and the bold steps we must take as leaders to redirect, adjust and move forward.

Brian talks through how to care for, lead and unify your team through change and what is waiting for you on the other end.

What is required to live our most generous self in the moment or to lead the most generous organization on a given day? In his talk, Todd will share the three secrets to release everyday generosity for yourself and those you lead.

What it is like to be an effective and dynamic leader in your twenties—that both young and older leaders follow? Vivi shares her big idea on what older leaders need to remember and young leaders need to learn.

Maria discusses fundraising as ministry and how it is not just the dirty work behind ministry. She shares how we are all called to grow our ministry funding and grow the people that God sends us to give.

It is not enough to be a gifted leader. To be a great leader you have to discover and tend to your weakness. Tammy Brown shares how to move from a gifted leader to a great one.

All healthy, living things reproduce or multiply. And THE CHURCH is a living thing—so why don’t the majority of churches multiply by planting churches? Shane shares the top five myths and truths of church planting and why it has the potential to change the world.

Geoff shares how sustained effort can bring unexpected results— you just need to show up to reap them. In the creative community there is a real lack of real drive and grit in their own vision. It is the biggest downfall for the creative: that they never leave the realm of dreams.

We are created to be a movement that serves people, but through indecision, we have stalled and become monuments to the past. Seth shares the reason why movements die and why we should be more concerned with serving than survival.

Dying churches matter to God. Mark shares the need to help churches to see the need for change by identifying the signs of a dying church and he inspires them to pursue a replanting strategy.


Change is inevitable. Do you want to be ahead of it or behind it? This event will help you accelerate your ability to transform your organization by delivering change with excellence.




Matt Brown Co-Founder and Lead Pastor, Sandals Church
learn more
Dan Zimbardi Executive Pastor, Sandals Church
learn more
Jeff Henderson Entrepreneur, Public Speaker
learn more
Tony Morgan Founder & Lead Strategist at The Unstuck Group
learn more
Tony Amaradio Founder and Chief Strategist for Select Portfolio Management, Inc.
learn more
Tammy Brown Co-Founder and Executive Director of Brand and Strategy, Sandals Church
learn more
Jonathan Avila CEO, Co-Founder of Stratos Fuel
learn more
Frank Teruel Technology Executive
learn more
Geoff Gouveia Artist, Entrepreneur
learn more
Alexis Andra Artist, Founder of The Shift Creative
learn more
Dr. Charles D. Sands Provost, VP Academic Affairs, California Baptist University
learn more
Jeff Whye Online Campus Pastor, Sandals Church
learn more
Melody Workman Executive Director of Story and Experience, Sandals Church
learn more
Brian Chelette Executive Director of Network Services, Sandals Church
learn more
Todd McMichen Director LifeWay Christian Resources | Generosity & Digital Giving
learn more
Devo & Donna Martin Entrepreneurs, Founders of JOYCO
learn more
Vivi Diaz Youth Lead, Sandals Church
learn more
Avery Atchison Young Adult Lead, Sandals Church
learn more
Shane Critser West Region Director for the North American Mission Board
learn more
Maria Zalesky Area Director at Mission Increase Foundation
learn more
Seth Yelorda Founder & CEO of VisionClarity360
learn more
Ron McCoy Executive Director, ROGO Foundation
learn more
Mark Clifton Senior Director of Replanting at the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention
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