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Reignite, refresh and reset your marriage

Thanks so much for joining us for our Virtual Marriage Conference! If you missed the conference or want to watch it again, each session is available on demand at the links below.

Sandals Church is passionate about your marriage, if you have questions, need help or are interested in receiving more information on something you heard during our conference, please visit:

Friday Night Sessions

Cooking Class

Cooking Class Date Featuring the Rustik Fork

Follow along with Pastor Matt and Tammy Brown as they cook a special dessert with the owners of the Rustik Fork restaurant.

Download the dessert recipe here!
Virtual Recipe

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Comedy Event

Late Night Show with Comedian, Michael Jr.

Enjoy tips on marriage from comedian, Michael Jr. and his wife, Ebony!

Saturday Sessions

Session 1

Navigating Finances in Marriage

Discover how managing your finances in an unhealthy way can negatively impact your marriage. Learn how to work as a team to overcome financial barriers.

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Session 2

Growing Through Your Differences

Learn how to appreciate your spouse’s strengths, identify what unique traits you bring to the marriage and address attitudes and behaviors that lead to conflict.

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Session 3

Staying Connected

Learn to work together as husband and wife! Navigate challenges together and maintain connection, even while raising kids.

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Session 4

Intimacy: Sex & Spirituality

Discover why sex, intimacy and staying connected spiritually is such an important part of marriage.

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Pastor Matt & Tammy Brown

Matt and Tammy Brown founded Sandals Church in 1997 in Riverside, CA. Matt and Tammy have been married for 24 years, they have three kids and enjoy visiting historical sites and museums.

Pastor Jeff & Nicky Whye

Pastor Jeff and Nicky Whye are new to the Sandals Church family! Jeff and Nicky have been married for 12 years and have four kids. They love date nights and deep conversations with each other.

Aurelio & Erica Melendrez

Aurelio and Erica Melendrez serve at our Sandals Church Hunter Park Campus. They’ve been married for 14 years and have two kids. Traveling and eating are two of their favorite things to do together!

Conference Hosts: Andrew & Rebecca Boganwright

Andrew and Rebecca Boganwright are long time members of Sandals Church. They have been married for 16 years and have one son. Andrew and Becca love to travel and go out for sushi.