Momentum starts with moments. In one moment of faith, God moved in the hearts of Pastor Matt and Tammy Brown to step out into the unknown with nothing but this vision to be real and hearts set on seeing people come to know Jesus.

In a moment of faith, Sandals Church took a risk and moved to the outskirts of Riverside to lay roots with its first permanent home. In a moment of faith, we launched our very first campus in a middle school gym. In their own unique moments of faith, six churches decided to release their ownership to join Sandals Church. In a moment of faith, we just purchased a building to give a permanent home to that very first campus. For every moment of faith, a person and a place.

We are not just building a church, we are building momentum.

The Goal

Our goal is to raise $10 million above and beyond our regular giving so that we are ready to move with the momentum God is creating with this vision to be real with ourselves, God and others.

Not only are we creating spaces for people to be real all over the world, but we’re positioning ourselves to be ready for whatever God may bring next.

Will you help us build momentum?

Our Approach

Our goal is designed with a three-step approach, aimed at prioritizing our projects based on how much our Sandals Church family raises for The Momentum Project:

Goal 1: "Catch Up"

If we raise $5 million, our first step will be to move towards these goals:

  • Covering some of the costs to renovate our new Woodcrest campus
  • Adding a patio and Depot at our new Woodcrest campus
  • Purchasing the remainder of our Moreno Valley campus
  • Creating a patio seating venue at our East Valley campus
  • Covering the cost to launch our newest campus in Lake Arrowhead
  • Leveling up our digital reach initiatives around the world

Goal 2: "Push forward"

If we raise $8 million we can complete our first goal and get to work on:

  • Paying off a portion of our new Woodcrest campus
  • Remodeling the Chapel at our new Woodcrest campus
  • Adding to our East Valley expansion: parking, modulars, or even a building
  • Improving and adding ministry spaces across all campuses
  • Supporting our Bharat 100 initiative, starting with renovating our missions housing at San Bernardino and Woodcrest

Goal 3: "Leap forward"

If we raise $10 million we can complete goals one and two, while also leaping towards things like:

  • Finding a long-term solution for parking at our Hunter Park campus
  • Equipping and resourcing our teams to launch new locations without the burden of debt
  • Paying off our debt faster so that we are positioned for future ministry around the world

How to Give

Now is your moment.
The Momentum Project is a 24-month giving campaign and your invitation to go above and beyond your regular giving in a moment of faith. On October 20 and 21, we will be celebrating our faith together at every Sandals Church location by bringing forward our financial commitments.

Join the Momentum Project by giving:

A one time gift on Offering Weekend
A recurring monthly gift over 24 months

Download the Sandals Church app to sign up digitally

You can donate non-cash gifts like stocks, homes, land, life insurance or estates. If you are interested in making a non-cash gift contact Amber Cheong, Sandals Church Accounting Director at

Faith Gatherings

Pastor Matt is coming to your campus!
Sandals Church is building momentum. This fall, we’re rolling out a project that could change the future of Sandals Church and make it possible for people all over the world to find a place to be real.

What we’re about to do is such a big deal that Pastor Matt will be visiting each campus in person to share more about what’s next and how you can play a part. Save the date for the event at your campus, you won’t want to miss this!