Sandals Church Banning

We are excited to announce that our sixth Sandals Church location will be Sandals Church Banning! On June 25, the congregation of New Hope Fellowship in Banning voted to become part of the Sandals Church family and we plan to open this new location later this year!

Saturday, July 22 at 6:30pm (New Day & Time!)

If you live in the Pass Area, have friends or family who do or would like to know more about what's coming with this location, we will be holding a vision night all about this new place to be real in the main auditorium at Sandals Church Hunter Park on Saturday, July 22 at 6:30pm (Immediately following the 5:00pm service). This will be a time to hear what is in store for this new location and how to be involved in its launch.

Can't make the meeting, but want to be a part of what's happening? Let us know.