Good Friday 2018

Good Friday is a time for followers of Jesus to remember and reflect on Jesus’ death before gathering to celebrate his resurrection on Easter. This year, we’re observing Good Friday together in groups on Friday, March 30. And trust us, you won't want to miss what we've got in store.

In a group?
You're set! We'll send group leaders everything you need to know to host a special group time on Friday, March 30. When Friday gets here, check out the section at the bottom of this page for everything you need for your group.

Not in a group?
Now is a great time to get some friends or family members together and host a group for Good Friday. A group can start with as few as three people! Our Good Friday groups will be one-time groups that meet to celebrate Good Friday together and we'll provide all the content you'll need to make it great.
Start a Good Friday Group

Need a group?
Not able to start a group? We've created a place to find a Good Friday group near you.


Everything You Need for Your Good Friday Group
When it comes time to host your Good Friday group, please reference the materials you've received from our groups team!

If you can't find them, we've got your back-ups right here:
Good Friday Leader Guide
How to Watch Good Friday at Home
Good Friday Group FAQ
Watch the Good Friday Video