Helping you manage what God has given you

Our personal finance ministry is focused on helping you be a wise steward with what God has entrusted to you. Our classes and mentors aim to help you become free from debt and generous so that we can build God’s kingdom together.

We are not financial counselors, investment managers or miracle workers. We want you to know principles from God’s word so you can live freely and obediently, believing that God wants you to be both real and generous with what he has given you.

Upcoming Classes

Financial Peace University

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU), is a step-by-step 10-week video and interactive discussion class where you will learn tools to conquer debt, discover how your personality affects your finances and get answers to questions about insurance, investing, retirement, mortgages and so much more.
Stay tuned, our next round of classes is coming in fall 2019!

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