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A phone call back in 2015 from Amethyst Bible Church in Mentone, CA to Sandals Church located in Riverside, CA put into motion the creation of a team committed to helping struggling churches.

Numerous studies over the last few years have revealed that churches across our nation are struggling and thousands close their doors each year. When this happens, that community is forever changed and the gospel will never be proclaimed on that property again. The team at the ROGO Foundation has been called to this work: to help church’s overcome challenging seasons and to revitalize churches on the road to closure, ensuring that they reach their communities with the gospel for generations to come. 

We do this by developing the two critical components of healthy churches: 

The people that lead them and the places where they gather.

We help church leadership teams overcome challenging seasons and at times, merge with some. We remodel and upgrade the facilities, and implement our proven ministry leadership model so that their legacies can continue with our resources and support. We also plant Sandals Church campus locations to further reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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