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Check In Process

Here are a few things we’re asking all parents and guardians to do when coming to a campus:

Have your children (2 years old and up) wear a mask when they check in.

Screen for any COVID-related symptoms, and do a temperature check at home.

Play it safe and stay home if anyone in your household doesn’t feel well.

If you may have been exposed to COVID, please use the 10 day rule: If you have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive within 10 days, please watch from home, even if you have no symptoms. 

Sign-Up to Volunteer

In order to reopen safely and serve our kids and families best, we need the volunteers who make it happen!

To serve in Early Childhood (Babies-Preschool)
sign up here

To serve in Elementary (K-6)
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Who Can Help

If you have had Covid-19, have been vaccinated, or are in a low-risk category, we are asking you to sign up and serve. However, If you don’t feel safe or are in a high-risk health category, please do not sign up at this time — for our kids’ safety and yours.

Let’s Stay Safe

Our team is working hard to ensure that we provide a safe and clean environment for your family—this includes following the CDC guidelines and abiding by all of the currently recommended health precautions.