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May 22, 2022
Logan’s Story | North Dakota
Logan, 22, goes to a university in North Dakota, plays on their hockey team, leads worship on weekends and hosts a community group in his dorm room. Most, if not all, of his teammates are not believers, but Logan and his group pray for them and he often asks if they want prayer for anything.  For 8 months Logan has played and prayed with his group’s encouragement. Then one morning, one of his teammates came over to talk and accepted Jesus as his Savior! He joined their community group and they continue to pray for the rest of the team.

May 15, 2022
Nadia and Kyle’s Story | California
Nadia and her husband Kyle had been married one month when they realized they wanted help from more seasoned marriages. They joined a community group with other married couples and over the years that followed, their group walked with them through many life-stages: the first year of marriage, becoming parents, and the joys and challenges along the way. Nadia says the people in her group “helped me give grace to myself as a wife and mom.” They’ve been part of a few groups over the years, some with kids and some without, but they remember to invest in each other, or as they say “keep dating, because raising young kids is a season, but our marriage is for a lifetime.”

May 8. 2022
June’s Story | South Carolina
June is 87 years old, a widow of a retired pastor who passed away almost a year ago. She was a pastor’s wife for over 60 years and is still dealing with grief and finding her purpose in her life now that the person she shared it with for so long is no longer with her.  But she said “I know God has more for me.” June visited a Sandals Church Anywhere group near her, where she was welcomed and comforted in her grief. She remembers a song played about “re-writing my history” that really spoke to her and gave her a new perspective about her purpose. The next week she brought 2 friends with her to group.

May 1, 2022
Blanche’s Story | France
Blanche found Sandals Church searching through videos on Youtube and really resonated with the messages, despite English being a second language and living in a completely different culture. She kept hearing about community but wasn’t sure if she wanted it or what it would look like, so she emailed our Online team to see what was available. Blanche was shocked to find that our Online Supervisor Morgan speaks French and they were able to connect online. Blanche is now joining an online group with other women around the world.

April 24, 2022
T’s Story | Vancouver CAN
T recently gave his life to Christ after a friend shared a video on Sandals Youtube channel. Then he emailed Online Pastor Jeff Whye. Here’s one of the things he shared: “The sad reality is that I have no community up here. I know that if I just go and open my Bible I will fail on my own. It’s not my natural gifting so I need help. As you (Sandals Church Online) are my community I’m asking you if you have any tools or guides for people wanting to read the Bible and understand it?” Pastor Jeff was able to show T the Bible Reading Plans in Sandals app, and now T is part of an Online Men’s Community Group studying the bible together.

April 17, 202
Sam’s Story | Southern CA 
Sam was raised Muslim and by the grace of God was given the opportunity to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior. But his family started excluding him and following Jesus was hard without community, until he was invited to a group from Sandals Church on Good Friday. There he met other Christians who love Jesus and accepted him as a brother. Now Sam has community and helps others explore faith in Jesus.

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