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40 Days in the Word

This six- week series is based on Pastor Rick Warren’s study of 40 Days in the Word. In this series, we learn why daily reading of the Bible is important, how it can change us and how to study the Bible and apply its teachings to our lives.

Integrating God’s Word into My Life

November 11, 2012

Pastor Matt Brown closes out the 40 Days in the Word series by teaching on integrating God’s words into our lives. In this message, Matt shares that we can use the Bible as our foundation to build our lives on by feeding on the Word daily, living by it’s teachings, acting on it and trusting in it’s promises.

How to Interpret Scripture

November 04, 2012

Pastor Matt Brown teaches on John 15:1-17 and how to understand the meaning of a Biblical text. In this message, Matt talks about how to interpret unclear verses with clear verses, look for the most obvious meaning and how to write out a personal application for your own life.

How to Study a Bible Passage

October 28, 2012

Pastors Matt Brown and Dan Crowley share techniques on how to study a Bible passage. In this message, Matt and Dan teach that the key to Bible study is asking good questions about what the text says, what it means, if there are other verses that help explain it and how to apply it to our lives.

Seeing What God Wants Me to See

October 21, 2012

Pastors Matt Brown and Daniel Crowley teach on how we can let the Holy Spirit show us the meaning of God’s word and how to apply it to our lives. In this message, Matt and Dan share that when God opens our eyes we can see the solution to our problem, the barrier to our progress and how God is walking with us.

How the Bible Changes Us

October 14, 2012

In this sermon by Pastors Matt Brown and Dan Crowley, we learn that God’s word changes us by recreating our lives, removing guilt, activating our faith and stimulating our growth. In this message, Dan and Matt teach us that we can benefit from these changes by learning the scriptures, accepting their truth and acting on it.

Why You Can Trust the Bible

October 07, 2012

This sermon discusses why we can trust the Bible as the authority for our lives. Pastor Matt discusses the Bible’s attributes as being historically accurate, scientifically advanced, seeing into the future and being thematically unified. He also teaches that we should trust the Bible because Jesus trusted it for life changing power.