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In this series, Pastor Matt Brown teaches on the true splendor of our awesome God. The series examines the awe-inspiring qualities of God: His creativity, power, and life-changing love.

Awesome in Love

March 31, 2013

Pastor Matt Brown speaks on God’s awesome love, which is personal, forever, life changing and waiting for our response. In this message, Matt shares that God’s love will change our hearts and teach us how to show love.

Awesome in Power

March 24, 2013

Pastor Matt Brown discusses the importance of understanding God’s power. While God's power is impossible to imagine on our own, we can better understand it through reading God's word. God wants us to know His absolute power, which is available to us, and can be found by trusting in Jesus.

Awesome in Creativity

March 17, 2013

Pastor Matt Brown teaches on God's awesome creativity, which can be seen in His creation of the universe, in nature, in the diversity of humans and even beyond what we can see. In this message, Matt reminds us that we should react to God’s creativity with praise and by being creative as we live according to God's plan.

God is Awesome

March 10, 2013

Pastor Matt Brown opens the Awakening series by reminding us that we often forget that God is awesome because many of us have lost our sense of recognizing what is truly awesome. God displays His awe and splendor in His creation, in the love of His children, and in His perfect son Jesus. In this sermon, Matt teaches that our proper response is to worship God in holy fear and awe.