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Elevate is all about having the right perspective so that we can do the work necessary to make the world around us a better place.

How to Elevate Your Finances

July 04, 2020

Has this season of uncertainty affected you financially? How do you get back on the right financial track? In this video, Pastor Matt helps us understand God's plan for our financial future.

Elevate Your Strength

June 27, 2020

Has the start of 2020 left you feeling drained? How do you get back to feeling normal at work, in life and with family? In this video Pastor Matt helps us find the strength we need to take on 2020.

How to Elevate Fathers

June 20, 2020

Has there been a time in your life when you really needed a father figure? Does your perception of God as "father" come with baggage because of your relationship with your dad? In this video, Pastor Matt helps us understand the healthy relationship dynamics of fathers and children.

How to Bring Healing in a Racially Charged Culture

June 13, 2020

What are some things that help you see past stereotypes? How can you see people for who they really are? In this video, Pastor Matt Brown challenges us to open up our hearts and dinner tables to others in a whole new way.

How to See People Like Jesus

June 06, 2020

What experiences from your past, or the culture you grew up in, affect the way you see or interact with people of different colors or cultures? This is an important question that the global church has to answer. In this video Pastor Matt asks us to see people like Jesus saw people.

How to Elevate My Thinking

May 30, 2020

What specific customs or thought patterns have you been stuck in? Why is changing our thinking so difficult? In this video, Pastor Matt gives us real answers on how we can change our thinking.

Elevate My Life by Elevating My Goals

May 23, 2020

Do you struggle with goals and motivation? Elevating your goals is more than having a checklist. In this video, Pastor Matt gives practical and relational ways to overcome our past and find goals that elevate your life.

How Jesus Can Elevate My Life

May 16, 2020

Do you want to find joy and happiness in hard times? Making massive changes takes a lot of work, right? What if change comes from a little bit of faith? In this video, Pastor Matt challenges us to elevate our life in three key ways.