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50 days makes a habit. FIT is a 50-day, 8-week series on mental, physical and spiritual fitness that offers practical goals and wisdom on becoming fit for the work God has given each of us to accomplish.

Finish Line

March 03, 2013

Justin Pardee closes the FIT series with a personal message of conviction and encouragement. In this message, Justin shares about his own struggles in staying FIT and explains how we can move forward by not accepting the end of a series as the finish line for self-improvement, but seeing it instead as the starting line for the rest of our lives.

Feed Your Soul

February 24, 2013

Pastor Dan Crowley reveals why all too often our souls are starving and how God is the only thing that can truly fill and satisfy us. In this message, Dan lays out 4 ways that God feeds our souls.

Fitness is Spiritual

February 17, 2013

Pastor Matt Brown teaches about the importance of spiritual fitness. In this message, Matt outlines 8 important actions that will help us grow our relationship with God.

Fitness Requires Fuel

February 10, 2013

Fitness requires fuel. Pastor Matt Brown examines what our diet should look like from a Biblical perspective and how we can turn the physical act of eating into a spiritual exercise.

Fitness is Physical

February 03, 2013

Pastor Matt Brown reminds us that exercising one's body is an important part of serving Christ, but also explains that the path to being physically fit also includes having the right focus, using common sense, resting properly and keeping sexually pure.

Mental Fitness

January 27, 2013

Pastor Matt Brown teaches on the key steps to becoming mentally fit for God, including learning to worry less, trusting God more, and choosing to accept the counsel of others.

Fitness is Mostly Mental

January 20, 2013

Pastor Matt Brown teaches on the importance of changing our mental attitude to accept the importance of fitness. In this message, Matt also encourages us to be real about why we aren't fit and calls for us to make a decision.

Get Fit in 50 Days

January 13, 2013

Pastor Matt Brown challenges the church to commit to actively improving ourselves to become more effective servants for God. In this message, Matt guides us in setting specific physical & spiritual goals.