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You’re invited. No matter who you are, those two words can spark a special sense of belonging. As we gear up for the holidays, we want to invite you to come take a look at what God has in mind for your life and be inspired to invite others in on the experience with you.

Invited To Share Joy

December 21, 2019

Do you ever feel tired of chasing happiness? How are we expected to stay happy all the time when life can be hard? In this video, Pastor Fredo Ramos gives us insight to where we can find happiness that sticks.

Invited to Give Hope

December 14, 2019

How do you become a thoughtful giver? Since God is the best gift-giver, his word has a somethings to say about how we are supposed to give—cheerfully and regularly. Pastor Matt Brown teaches us in this week's message of Invited why we should be giving more than just at Christmas.

Invited to Give

December 07, 2019

What does being generous to the church look like? How are we contributing and inviting people into a relationship with Jesus? Pastor Matt Brown teaches us from the gospels how to invite people to give their time, attention, and finances.

To Gather Every Week

November 30, 2019

Why do Christians gather every week? Isn't listening to a talking head in a room an outdated practice? In this video, Pastor Fredo Ramos gives us insight into why gathering weekly is a gift to all believers.

To Become Like Jesus

November 23, 2019

Jesus was constantly inviting the people around him to a wildly different experience. In this video, Pastor Fredo Ramos, shares how Jesus' invitation changed the world around him. Share this with a friend.

Into God’s House

November 16, 2019

Why do we need church, faith or a pastor in our life? Does it really matter where or how we go to church? In this video, Pastor Matt gives a once in a lifetime talk about the importance of the pastor. Share with a friend.