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Launch 2017

Launch 2017

Giving as Worship

November 18, 2017

Everyone loves getting intentional gifts, God included. When we are generous with what we have, not only does God see that as an act of love and worship, but it blesses us too. If you know someone struggling to be generous, invite them to hear Pastor Matt Brown talk about how giving in our relationships with God and others, we actually gain so much more.

The Right Passion

November 11, 2017

Have you ever felt too drained to get involved? Work, family, school and social events can consume our lives, but with all the great things happening at Sandals Church, it’s time to find and live out our real passions. If you know someone who wants to get involved but is struggling to balance everything, invite them to a watch this message where Pastor Matt Brown will be talking why and how to live out our passions.

Biblical Generosity

November 04, 2017

Isn’t life more freeing when we can just be honest about where we’re at? Like you, people in our communities need a place to be real, and you are a part of making that happen! If you know someone curious about why we talk about giving in the church, you do not want to miss this weekend. Invite a friend and join us as Pastor Matt Brown shares stories of generosity and what we can do with our time and resources to launch into 2018.

Discovering God’s Purpose for My Life

October 28, 2017

Being real with ourselves, God and others was never just a catchy phrase meant to live in one place, but something created to exist beyond our doors, and beyond city lines. It’s for the single mom trying to make rent, for the dad going into overtime and for families all across Southern California trying to do life well. And we are just getting started. If you know someone curious about why we’re launching so many new campuses, this is the perfect weekend to invite them to watch this video. Pastor Matt Brown will be talking about where we're headed and how you can get involved.