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The Art of Authenticity

The Art of Authenticity

Week 9: Living an Authentic Life in Humility and Simplicity

November 13, 2012

Pastor matt closes the series by giving instructions on how to live an authentic life. He uses John the baptist as an example of a person who lived an authentic life in humility and simplicity.

Week 8: Learning to Look Within

November 06, 2012

This week, we are inspired to let Jesus change our private world(private though life), by letting him challenge the way we think through his word.

Week 7: Letting God Use Me

October 30, 2012

Pastor Matt points out that God has given us everything we need to do what he called us to do. He describes means with which we can discover our spiritual gifts, and reminds us that our gifts are not for us but for God's church

Week 6: The Lords Supper

October 23, 2012

As we share the lord's supper, pastor Nathan reminds us the nature of it's sacredness and the relevance of preparing and examining our self before partaking in it.

Week 5: You are a Master Piece not a Mistake

October 16, 2012

In this sermon we are reminded that we are wonderfully made, and God loves all aspects our looks. we, however, must learn to accept and appreciate the way God made us.

Week 4, Learning To Face My Fears By Embracing God’s Love

October 09, 2012

In this sermon, we are reminded that God's love is greater than our sins. Pastor matt implores us to learn to embrace our fears through God's love.

Week 3, Facing My Fears

October 02, 2012

In this sermon, Pastor Matt discusses how fear keeps us from being authentic, but also we learn that through God's love we can conquer our fears.

Week 2: The Artist’s Way

September 27, 2012

Pastor Matt continues with The Art of Authenticity series. In this sermon, pastor discuses how God created us to be like him, and how he sees us as a master piece.

Week 1, The Art of Authenticity

September 22, 2012

Pastor Matt Introduces The Art of Authenticity series. In this sermon we learn how Jesus is the one who leads us to the path of Authenticity, where we will discover our true selves.