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Acts 8: How to Hear the Voice of God

Acts 6: The Challenge with Change

Acts 5: How To Become A More Authentic Person

Acts 4: How You Can Help Change the World

Acts 3: What Can Jesus Do for You?

Acts 1: How to Get the Most Out of Life

Luke 24: How Jesus Has the Power to Change Your Life

Luke 23: How to Have A Better Life

Luke 21: Becoming Generous Like Jesus

Luke 20: What Does Life Look Like After I Die?

Luke 19: How Can I Be a Better Person?

Luke 18: How To Get My Life Right With God

Luke 17: How Do I Grow in My Faith?

Luke 14: What Does God Want From Me?

Luke 13: How to Experience the Healing Power of Jesus

Luke 11: Learning How to Pray

Luke 9: Who is Jesus?

Luke 8: Who Am I?

Luke 7: How to Experience Real Forgiveness

Luke 6: How to Become More Like Jesus

Luke 5: Jesus Heals

Luke 4: How to Handle Temptation

Luke 2: It’s Time to Grow

Luke 1: Our New Year’s Resolution

Don’t Miss Jesus

When Tragedy Strikes

What Makes a Sacred Space

A Place to Be Real 2015

Being Real with Others by Sharing Jesus

Being Real with Others by Confessing Sin

Becoming Real with Others

Why You Can Be Real with God

Becoming Real with Yourself

Getting Real with Jesus

Why We Serve the Church

Why We Gather in Groups

Why We Gather

Tame Your Tongue

Live What You Believe

Godly Manhood

The Shield of Faith

The Boots of Peace

The Helmet of Salvation

The Belt of Truth

Bad Christians Must Be Born Again

Only Jesus Saves

A New Family

The Environment

Cling to the Cross

Financial Freedom


The Best Sex Ever

The Myth of Sexual Purity

Persistent Prayer

Learning How to Pray

Your Perfect Future

The Reveal

The Taboo Topic

The Family Business

God’s Family