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It’s one thing for a church to pray for missionaries, be burdened for the lost, and have a growing passion to become engaged in global missions. But channeling that passion, forming a plan, and moving a church forward requires vision. And getting a vision starts with a simple step—connecting with missionaries by going on a vision trip.

A conversation with those who are actively engaged in healthy international missions is the starting point. But making a connection with vetted missionaries leading viable God-centered ministries is an excellent way to connect with God’s work around the world.

South Asia is filled with people who have never heard the Name of Jesus, but the few local believers are determined reach every corner of their nation with the gospel. Meet some of the very people who do this kind of work.

Don’t continue struggling with turning dreams and passion into a practical plan. Start a conversation that will lead to a connection, a vision, and greater spiritual flourishing for your church and for the expansion of God’s church globally.

Trip dates:

  • September 20th – October 25th

You are an ideal candidate if you:

  • Love Jesus
  • Have a burdened heart for God’s love for the world
  • Work well with a team
  • You can be humble and stay flexible amidst tough situations

Estimated Costs:

  • $2500-$2800
  • Cost includes: Airfare, Lodging, Food, Travel Insurance, Transportation, Airport Shuttle, and Visa costs.
  • Costs to acquire a passport if you do not have one already (Costs may vary)
  • Immunization costs (Costs may vary)

Time commitment (Attend the following meetings and trainings:

  • Missions 101 / Team Orientation (2hrs)
  • Fundraising Training (2hrs)
  • Team Fundraiser (varies by team )
  • Evangelism Training (2hrs)
  • Team Meeting (2-3hrs)
  • Team Tasks and Final Touches (2hrs)
  • Team Debrief (2hrs ** 3-4 weeks after team returns**)

Once the application is filled out an invitation to a team orientation will be sent out. At team orientation, you will receive a more detailed and scheduled itinerary for the trainings.

Please email with any questions.

Apply To Go

Apply to go by filling out the application and paying your deposit at the form linked below.

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