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Adam Atchison

Adam Atchison

At some point in high school, I began to really get bored of church.

But one thing I really grew in love with was marijuana. It was an addiction that was completely a secret from my wife, my family, and my friends.

I felt like I always had a very strong and personal sense of God’s love for me, but what I didn’t realize was how much God loved me – for nearly thirty years of my life. I had taken for granted the grace, the love and really the protection of God over my entire life.

There were many opportunities for me to come clean and be honest about my addiction. However, I never took advantage of those opportunities until February 2010. I had a meeting with Pastor Matt and I was under the influence of my favorite drug the entire time.

As I was leaving that meeting, God spoke very clearly to me. He said,

“Today is the day that you come clean.” And I had to ask himself this question,

“Do I believe? Do I really believe in a way that ends up in action, and in a transformed and changed life? Do I actually believe that God forgives sins?”

Being completely high couldn’t stop God from getting through to me.

That exchange between God and me really was the essence of the gospel. I had to decide if I would respond as Peter did by telling Jesus that he could not wash his feet or I could allow the King of the universe to serve me.

That became the day that the vision of Sandals Church became real for me. It was the scariest day of my life, and yet, in many ways, it was the first the day that I truly began to live.

When God drew that line in the sand and told me that He was going to get real with me, I responded by choosing to get real with God as well; but it really didn’t end there.

What that began was a transformation process of being made into the image of Christ and being more like Him, and when that happens, it fulfills us in a way that we could have never imagined possible before getting real with God.

As I was serving and attending Sandals Church, the vision of Sandals Church only became real when I chose to become real with God.

Adam Atchison is a licensed minister who oversees our Real Healing ministry. He has a passion for suffering with the broken-hearted and welcoming in the stranger as if he/she were Jesus himself. Real Healing at Sandals Church is a safe community of healing and recovery for those who are wounded and hurting. This community walks alongside broken people on a journey to freedom from the things that can so easily imprison us such as addictions, divorce, abuse, broken relationships and losing loved ones.

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