Chad Schnitger

He spends his week walking through all sorts of doors.

During the week, you will find Chad in his car driving somewhere between Corona and Temecula on his way to inspect homes and bid on properties at auctions. In between auctions, Chad also works part-time on a campaign for a candidate hoping to be elected to office this November.

When Chad's busy week comes to an end, he might spend his Saturday hanging out with his wife and their dogs. But on Sunday mornings, you will find him with the 4th graders in Pipeline, the service for elementary school students at Sandals Church. 

Chad came to Sandals Church after an invitation from his cousin. He loved the teaching and the worship and quickly felt called to stay. Soon after he and his wife got married, they decided to start volunteering together in Family Ministries.

โ€œMy favorite part of helping out in Family Ministries is the personal connection with the kids, just hanging out with them is the highlight of my week.โ€

Every week, volunteers in Family Ministries get an email with prayer requests shared by students. 

โ€œWe are either laughing or crying on our knees in prayer for these kids every week, there's almost no middle ground.โ€

Chad's time volunteering in Pipeline has taught him how to have peace above all else. He has seen that kids of all ages have questions about their faith and about life, and many have worries that would seem above their ages. 

โ€œWhen you walk in these doors and meet eyes with a kid, you drop all of your own worries at the door. These kids matter, and those other things are worries for another day.โ€

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