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Leo Short

Interpersonal Analyst

Leo Short

During the week, you can find Leo working as an IT Operations Analyst for a software company in Orange County. He works with the software development team and IT team to ensure that everything is documented properly.

Exciting, right?

On a typical weekend, you will find Leo volunteering with the 5th and 6th grade students in Pipeline, the weekend experience for elementary school students at Sandals Church. 

Leo started attending Sandals Church during his senior year of high school and began volunteering in Pipeline in 2007 when a friend recommended he would be a good fit for the age group.

"My favorite part of volunteering with Family Ministries is seeing the genuine love that our team has for the kids and the desire they have to connect with them and teach them about God's love."

Leo's favorite memory from volunteering was from a time when Pipeline had the opportunity to do games outside on the grass. The teachers used a few giant vinyl banners, soap and a hose to create a slip-n-slide. Leo had a blast hosing the kids down and throwing water balloons with them. The kids had fun too, making sure to end the day by dumping a bucket of water on their teacher, Leo. 

God has taught Leo to rely more on him through volunteering with kids. Teaching in Pipeline means the teachers get to have fun right along with the kids, but sometimes when you're trying to be serious, the kids still want to play around. Getting frustrated doesn't help show them Christ's love, so on those Sundays that come after a rough work week, Leo relies on God to strengthen him and help show the kids God's love.

Leo has found that there is no greater feeling than letting God work through you, even when you feel like you have nothing to offer.

"Our team is like a family. Everyone cares about each other. It's always scary to try something new, but the best things always start out as the scariest things."

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