Logan Hofschroer

Christmas morning is highly anticipated for kids all over Sandals Church. Logan, 6 years old, found out that there are some kids who will not be getting gifts on Christmas morning and was really concerned.

“Mom! We should sell these and buy presents for kids who won’t be getting anything for Christmas this year!” Logan said as he and his mom were making gift tags one December day. The plan began and he started making tons of tags: snowmen, reindeer, snowflakes and Christmas tree tags.

“Mom, have you posted them online yet?” he eagerly asked his mom to post on her Instagram and Facebook page. The customers started rolling in and the demand was high.

People really came together to help. You would think that a 6 year old may not be able to make a big difference, but kids have a special influence on adults. People were so moved by his compassionate and generous spirit that they wanted to join him on this gift-giving adventure.

“There are times he got tired, but he never quit; he kept on making tags for those kids to be able to get a fun gift to unwrap on Christmas,” said Logan’s mom, Amy. “This kid teaches me so much about love,” said his dad, Chris.

Altogether, Logan raised $406 and partnered with Sandals Church in buying the gifts.

The time for shopping had come! He carefully selected each toy in the store. It was sweet how thoughtful he was when choosing gifts for kids he had never even met. He took what little information he had about each boy and girl and ran with it like they were best buds. He loved that he could buy for kids his age and even picked out earbuds for teenagers.

“We have to get this picnic basket mom; a teenage boy might want to take a girl on a picnic date!” he expressed.

The clerk at Walmart kept telling him what a special boy he is and was really choked up when she found out what he was doing.

“Of course, as his mom, I think he is special, but he really didn’t do anything that any other kid couldn’t have done. It was just being intentional to carve out the time during this busy season. If people feel loved by something so simple as a Christmas gift, their hearts may be more open to Jesus and to receive Him as the greatest gift of Christmas.”

It is truly better to give than to receive and we think Logan has had a pretty great Christmas already.

Remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: It is more blessed to give than to receive. -Acts 20:35