Mike Simpson

Faith is more than just an idea.

During the week, you will find Mike in the produce section of your local Vons and on Friday nights you might find Mike teaching martial arts to kids and adults, helping them learn to control their emotions and bodies while learning respect. 

On a typical weekend, you will find Mike teaching 5th and 6th grade students in Pipeline, the weekend experience for elementary school students. Every time he serves, Mike makes a point to teach kids that God is always available to us whenever we need him. 

Mike's girlfriend brought him to Sandals Church after a stagnant period in his faith. 

โ€œI never connected with God until I came to Sandals Church and Pastor Matt taught me that faith in God is about being real and it not just a spiritual idea or a set of rules.โ€

Mike has always loved to interact with kids and has been serving elementary school students in Pipeline for a little over a year. He loves that he gets to serve with people who are passionate about reaching kids and providing experiences they will always remember.

One of Mike's favorite memories about serving in Pipeline was watching kids memorize multiple verses and getting excited to learn about Jesus during their "Dare to be a Daniel" series. While serving in Pipeline, Mike has learned that his weekend is not about him, but it's about giving kids the opportunity to meet Jesus, feel his love and follow him. God has taught Mike to connect with the kids so they gain his trust and allow him to share God's word with them.

Serving kids at Sandals Church takes only 40 minutes of Mike's time each week and he wants you to know itโ€™s not hard to do - just hang out with the kids, be yourself, be their friend and let them know you care about their lives.

"Iโ€™m learning that if you don't tell kids that Jesus is alive and loves them, the world will tell them he's dead and doesn't care. I want to make a difference."

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