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Shawn Hengstebeck

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Shawn Hengstebeck

During the week, Shawn is a custom car builder. Shawn owns his own shop in Riverside and led the "A Team" on the popular TV show, "Overhaulin" for several seasons. Shawn is known in the auto industry for his paint and body work and has been blessed to have worked amongst some of the biggest names in the industry, including talk show host, Jay Leno, who is known for his large car collection.

On a typical weekend, you will find Shawn spending his Saturday night volunteering with the 18-24 month olds in Flip Flops, the babies to preschool ministry at Sandals Church. After spending his Saturday evening with the kids, he comes back to campus on Sundays to attend service with his family.

Shawn was initially invited to Sandals Church by a friend and he felt Jesus tell him that he needed to serve the church. 

"When I heard there was a shortage of men in Flip Flops, I figured I would give it a shot."

His favorite part about volunteering is playing with the kids and distracting them from missing their parents while they attend service. Shawn loves to develop friendships with the kids and that they always remember him when they see him each week.

One of Shawn's favorite memories is when a two-year-old girl named Lilly who had been away on vacation for a few weeks saw him in the hall at church. 

"I heard her little voice yell, 'SHAWN! SHAWN! SHAWN!' as she jumped for joy with a big smile on her face and ran over, full of excitement, to give me a big hug."

God has taught Shawn that serving is a blessing in itself and volunteering in Flip Flops is his favorite part of the week by far.

You may not have children or have never worked with children, but that is not important. Volunteering takes a servant's heart and love for God's children; God will take over from there. 

Be prepared for only one thing - to feel a joy that you have never experienced. Don't worry that you won't fit in, because if you love Sandals Church, you will.

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