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Best of The Debrief #2

July 25th, 2017

What’s the difference between good and bad stress? Or guilt and shame? Can you really ever forgive someone who abused you? Pastor Matt has given some great answers to these tough questions over the first 70 episodes of The Debrief, listen in to hear his thoughts on divorce, his tips on studying the Bible with ADD and what he and Tammy have to say about being married.

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Want more? Here’s where to find the full episodes for each question:

Episode 35 Is some stress good?

Episode 65 Should Christians ever feel guilt?

Episode 13 Can you really ever forgive someone who abused you?

Episode 63 Does the bible say marrying a divorced person is adultery?

Episode 34 How can you read the bible when you have ADD?

Episode 53 What were the hardest parts of Pastor Matt and Tammy’s marriage?

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