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Election 2016: Prepared to Be Offended

October 31st, 2016

How should Christians exercise our right to vote? Is choosing not to vote, or voting to legalize marijuana, a sin? Can someone be a true follower of Jesus and get into politics as a career? And should Christians all agree on who we elect for president? In this special episode, Pastor Matt Brown offers real answers to our tough questions about politics and voting.


  • (2:14) Is voting a right?
  • (3:04) Is it a sin not to vote?
  • (4:54) How involved should Christians be in politics?
  • (8:17) How can someone be a good politician and a good Christian?
  • (12:09) How should Christians behave when discussing politics?
  • (17:11) Can Christians lead out in reclaiming civil discourse?
  • (22:42) Can Christians in good conscience come to separate conclusions about who they want to be president?
  • (26:13) If we vote for a particular candidate, do we share complicity with their decisions in office?
  • (30:11) As Christians, what should our biggest motivation for voting be?
  • (44:28) Is it wrong to vote for the legalization of marijuana?
  • (49:31) How should Christians view and approach the death penalty?
  • (57:07) How should we vote when not fully informed?
  • (61:01) How should we invest in this process if we disagree with both candidates?
  • (64:10) Why don’t you preach from the pulpit?

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