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Episode 034 | Acts 15: Explode in a Good Way

September 28th, 2016

Pastor Matt Brown, Justin Pardee and Stephanie Keen talk through how to survive conflict, why Christians go to church on Sundays and how to talk evolution. The team walks through Acts 15 and what the early church decided Christians really can and can’t do.


  • (2:57) Best ways to study the bible
  • (4:33) Are selfies inherently self-worship?
  • (5:53) Who God is vs. who I want him to be
  • (8:29) When did the followers switch to Sundays?
  • (12:00) When did they stop sacrificing animals for Passover?
  • (14:11) Dealing with tough conflicts
  • (18:25) Young Earth vs Old Earth
  • (23:29) Shared Fun Experience
  • (26:28) Was it normal to have a committee make tough decisions?


Dr. Sailhamer's book on Genesis

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