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Episode 035 | Acts 16: Deep Purple

October 4th, 2016

Is stress actually a good thing? Pastor Matt, Justin and Stephanie talk through conflict, stress and circumcision and what happened when Paul came across a couple of very strong-willed women. 

Questions =====

  • (3:25) How do you deal with conflict with someone who doesn't want a resolution?
  • (4:37) Normal stress vs. God molding you
  • (12:00) Why did Timothy get circumcised?
  • (18:10) How can we go above and beyond?
  • (21:49) Why would the Holy Spirit not want them preaching in Asia?
  • (24:00) How do we know for sure it's the Holy Spirit?
  • (25:38) Is this when Luke joins the party?
  • (27:05) Is there a shift in gender dynamics?
  • (31:22) Are super powers a side effect of demon possession?
  • (33:49) When do you run and when do you stay?
  • (36:39) Why is the message so simple?
  • (38:53) Why are they pardoned so quickly?
  • (42:21) Was Paul taking it a little too far?

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