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Episode 038 | Acts 19: Don't Imagine That

October 25th, 2016

Can we still expect miracles to happen, should we pick fights with demons and what’s the deal with sorcery? Pastor Matt, Justin and Stephanie walk through Acts 19 and your questions, with a couple of surprises along the way.


  • (4:11) How should Christians interact with gay people?
  • (7:14) Why did God specifically require the slaughter of animals?
  • (9:59) Why is Paul being so blunt?
  • (11:37) Had these guys heard of Jesus yet?
  • (14:16) Was it necessary for Paul to lay his hands on them for them to receive the Holy Spirit?
  • (18:31) What about people that were baptized in the Catholic church in the past?
  • (21:29) Why don’t people immediately speak in tongues?
  • (25:21) So how is the Good News now getting out to Asia?
  • (26:41) So why don’t we see these types of miracles today?
  • (28:53) How is Paul’s power different from the sorcerers?
  • (30:49) How many guys are in this group?
  • (34:08) Were these guys actually exorcising demons?
  • (34:46) Should Christians be picking fights with demons?
  • (37:11) Were these mostly new believers?
  • (39:32) Shared Fun Experience
  • (41:43) What was Demetrius really up to?
  • (44:22) What was the relationship like between Paul and these officials?
  • (46:07) How can we develop relationships with non-believers?
  • (48:24) Who is Alexander?
  • (49:35) How do you balance honoring authority and speaking the truth?
  • (53:31) Learning Christianese "Hedge of Protection"

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