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Episode 039 | Acts 20: The One with Mother Theresa

November 1st, 2016

How should church really work, how do we watch out for wolves and how do we know what God is asking us to do? Pastor Matt, Justin and Stephanie follow along as Paul continues his wild journey in Acts 20, taking the scenic route, bringing a guy back to life and dropping some pretty serious bombs on his fellow Christians. 


  • (3:41) Is scripture just a guideline?
  • (6:07) Is it bad to get married young?
  • (7:46) Is it possible to be in a long distance relationship with your church?
  • (10:16) Why this way specifically?
  • (11:42) Why is Paul picking up all these guys?
  • (14:13) Is this an early example of what we now think of as “church”?
  • (16:11) Is Paul casual about miracles now?
  • (18:20) Was it common for sermons to go this late?
  • (19:09) What was the festival of Pentecost?
  • (20:59) How can we be more bold without alienating people?
  • (24:28) What does Paul mean by saying he’s “bound by the Spirit”?
  • (26:15) How can we have the same confidence as Paul in what God is asking of us?
  • (30:07) Is Paul’s boldness here because he knows he is going to die?
  • (31:19) What does Paul's instructions mean to you personally Pastor Matt?
  • (37:55) What are some telltale signs of a “wolf”?
  • (40:31) If someone rejects God’s call to go into ministry are they leaving room for a wolf to enter?
  • (44:40) What does Paul mean by an inheritance?
  • (48:41) Is Paul paraphrasing Jesus?
  • (51:23) Should all missionaries have jobs?
  • (57:00) Learning Christianese "Bounce Your Eyes"



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