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Episode 040 | Acts 21: The B.S. Button

November 9th, 2016

If two people both feel they’ve heard from God and disagree, how do you know who is right? Pastor Matt, Justin and Stephanie walk through Acts 21 and what happens when a bunch of religious people can’t seem to figure out what to do. 


  • (4:25) What if your pastor gets something wrong?
  • (7:58) How can we find peace in a troubled world?
  • (15:34) Jeffrey
  • (16:37) How old is old?
  • (18:24) How did Paul find local believers in new places?
  • (21:51) How are there conflicting prophecies from the Holy Spirit?
  • (26:25) Is this Philip from Acts 7?
  • (28:34) Why does Luke point out these daughters who have the gift of prophecy?
  • (31:09) What does it mean to have the gift of prophecy?
  • (32:22) Did Paul see warnings or affirmations of God’s will?
  • (34:50) How can we be real about what we’re feeling while not making it harder on someone else?
  • (39:30) Why does it only mention James here, and not the other apostles?
  • (44:11) Have the Christians in Jerusalem caught up with the times?
  • (51:12) What’s the deal with this ritual?
  • (54:16) What exactly is Paul being accused of?
  • (59:33) Was Paul’s return to Jerusalem similar to Jesus’ return to Jerusalem?
  • (62:04) Is this the fulfillment of what Agabus prophesied earlier in the chapter?
  • (64:11) Who is this Egyptian guy that the commander thinks Paul is?
  • (65:42) Why would the commander let Paul speak to all these people?
  • (69:42) Learning Christianese “Traveling Mercies”


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