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Episode 041 | Acts 22: A Classy Way to Call for Murder

November 15th, 2016

How do you grow in your faith when you’re really busy and making sense of apparent contradictions in the bible. Pastor Matt, Justin and Stephanie picking up from last week’s cliffhanger as Paul gets his people to listen closely before he says one word to make them all want to kill him.


  • (2:55) How can I find more time to grow in my faith?
  • (3:57) What language did Paul just switch to?
  • (5:29) Was it risky to exclude the officers in this way?
  • (6:37) Who was Gamaliel?
  • (8:22) Why is “Lord” capitalized here?
  • (11:39) Why the slight differences in Paul’s conversion story?
  • (14:46) Why flip out over the gentiles?
  • (18:14) What should I do if I knew I blew it?
  • (20:13) Does this situation put Paul in a better position or even more hot water?
  • (29:06) Learning Christianese “An Unspoken Prayer Request”

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