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Episode 042 | Acts 23: Not My High Priest

November 22nd, 2016

How to respect bad leaders, why you may have to say sorry even if you were right and how to respond when things seem absolutely out of control. This week Pastor Matt, Justin and Stephanie geek out about Thanksgiving and get into Paul’s showdown with his fellow Jews in Acts 23.


  • (5:19) Why was what Paul was saying so offensive?
  • (8:23) Did Paul really not know that was the high priest?
  • (20:27) Why doesn’t he mention Jesus more explicitly here?
  • (25:38) Could what he said have been both encouraging and discouraging at the same time.?
  • (29:03) Why were the Jewish leaders being so bold?
  • (32:12) Where is Paul’s family from?
  • (34:34) Were Jews known to be very violent?
  • (37:49) Learning Christianese “Break Fellowship”

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