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Episode 043 | Acts 24: A Really Legit Roman

November 30th, 2016

When is it ok to rebel against the government, will God really judge everyone and how do we know the Bible is reliable? Pastor Matt, Justin and Stephanie walk through Acts 24 and Paul’s latest trial.


  • (3:29) Is it ok to only watch sermons online?
  • (5:55) When is a good time to protest?
  • (15:09) How relevant is the Catholic bible?
  • (25:41) How can God's judgement on others help heal the pain they may have caused us?
  • (31:29) How big of a deal was it to bring in this lawyer for Paul’s trial?
  • (34:05) Was Tertullus being genuine?
  • (36:17) Was early Christianity seen as a cult?
  • (39:49) Why would Tertullus suggest a cross examination?
  • (41:18) Why doesn’t Paul just drop the mic here?
  • (43:01) What does Paul mean that both the righteous and unrighteous will be raised?
  • (46:27) Is this the offering we were talking about that Paul was bringing?
  • (49:08) Why won’t Felix just throw the trial out at this point?
  • (51:38) Was Felix genuinely interested in Paul’s teachings?
  • (55:57) What sort of bribe would he have expected?
  • (57:03) Were they trying to get Paul out or just waiting it out?
  • (60:18) Learning Christianese “Guarding your heart”


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