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Episode 044 | Acts 25: Foot, Boat and Donkey

December 7th, 2016

Can going to prison ever be a good thing, how do we handle hard times and when did the bible stop being cool with multiple wives? Pastor Matt, Justin and Stephanie jump into Acts 25 and what happened when a new Roman governor came to town.

Bill and Carrie's Story

Bill and Carrie lived a life on the streets, addicted to drugs and running from the law. Carrie was a fugitive for a drug warrant and when the two were dropped off by the police barefoot in the parking lot of a Taco Bell, they decided something had to change.


  • (4:49) Does our obedience to God have any affect on others salvation?
  • (9:49) Why do Christians make a big deal about marriage being between one man and woman?
  • (17:00) What kind of leader was Festus?
  • (19:57) Did God keep Paul in prison for his own good?
  • (25:26) Is this the same group of accusers?
  • (27:02) Why would Paul say he is willing to die here?
  • (29:10) What does “appeal to Caesar” mean?
  • (31:55) Why would a king make a trip to pay respect to a governor?
  • (34:06) Would Agrippa have known who Jesus was?
  • (35:47) About how long had it have been since Jesus died?
  • (36:29) Does Paul need to testify to Agrippa?
  • (39:25) Is it possible that Paul is fulfilling Jesus’ prophecy right here?
  • (42:18) Is God increasing Paul’s platform?
  • (45:39) Why is Luke so into cliffhangers?
  • (48:25) How bad would it have been to send an innocent person to Caesar?
  • (54:10) Learning Christianese “Walk”

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