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Episode 045 | Acts 26: Why Do Puppies Love to Cuddle?

December 14th, 2016

What happens when a Christian commits suicide, are some sins worse than others and do people really have free will? Pastor Matt, Justin and Stephanie talk through Acts 26 and what the greatest Christian of all time had to say when he was on trial.


  • (3:25) Are all sins the same?
  • (12:04) Is suicide an unforgivable sin?
  • (19:18) Can someone be too sinful to profess Jesus?
  • (24:56) Is Paul truly being respectful towards Agrippa?
  • (28:39) Is Paul giving his credentials?
  • (30:46) What is this promise that God made to the ancient Jews?
  • (34:48) How involved was Paul in the killing of Christians before his conversion?
  • (36:07) What does Jesus mean when he says it’s useless to fight against his will?
  • (43:00) Is persecuting Christians the same as persecuting Jesus?
  • (46:49 Why has Paul never revealed these details before?
  • (51:26) Are all non-Christians under the reign of Satan?
  • (52:59) Is proving you have changed by doing good things part of being a Christian?
  • (56:52) Is Paul acknowledging that it was good for him to be kept in prison?
  • (58:14) Why is Festus reacting so strongly?
  • (59:28) Why would Paul put Agrippa on the spot?
  • (61:39) Was it a big deal that Agrippa used the term Christian?
  • (62:49) Did Agrippa ever convert down the road?
  • (63:48) Was it a bad move for Paul to appeal to Caesar?
  • (68:05) Learning Christianese “Backslide”


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