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Episode 046 | Acts 27 & 28: Like A Cyclone

December 21st, 2016

How do we know if God will answer our prayers or not? What makes God more likely to perform a miracle? Pastor Matt, Justin and Stephanie wrap up the book of Acts and share what’s ahead for the Debrief in 2017.


  • (5:30) Is it okay to listen to worldly music?
  • (8:36) How does God view our choices in entertainment?
  • (14:27) Why is the idea of eternity so scary?
  • (16:30) How is Paul so influential while being a prisoner?
  • (19:43) Was this storm sent by God or just bad luck?
  • (22:21) How can we keep our faith in crazy moments?
  • (35:14) Is this a revelation from God or not?
  • (39:47) Does this have a connection with the end of the book of Mark?
  • (43:23) Did God orchestrate this shipwreck?
  • (44:58) What was the state of Christianity in Rome at this time?
  • (48:11) Do the Jewish leaders really not know what’s going on with Paul?
  • (50:49) Is God condemning these guys?
  • (54:14) What happened with Paul’s trial?
  • (56:27) Final thoughts on Luke and Acts?
  • (62:13) Learning Christianese “On Fire”

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