Episode 052 | The Moment Misser

Pastor Matt, Justin and Stephanie tackle lots of off-topic follow-up questions from listeners. Listen in on an honest conversation about sexual boundaries in dating, how to be better at reading your Bible and what Sandals Church has to say about the pro-life/pro-choice debate.


Pastor Matt runs through a variety of questions sent in by listeners looking to clarify some of the odd details of the Christian faith including when and how people receive the Holy Spirit and who exactly is authorized to baptize people.

And if you’ve ever wondered where all of the various religious affiliation checkboxes came from, Pastor Matt shares some of the history behind Christian denominations and the key differences between them - as well as where Sandals Church falls on the spectrum.

This episode wraps up with a very honest discussion about abortion, women’s rights and why you most likely won’t ever hear Pastor Matt speak from stage about whether or not Christians are called to be pro-life.

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