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Episode 053 | The Really Weds

February 14th, 2017

Pastor Matt's wife Tammy joins the show for a special episode all about their marriage and relationship. Listen in as they share about their highs and lows, the times they almost didn't make it and what they've learned about being real in the process. 

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Pastor Matt Brown and his wife Tammy sit down for an open and honest talk about their relationship, starting from the first time they met (that Pastor Matt maybe doesn't remember), to that time they broke up for a summer and everything that’s happened since they tied the knot.

As they talk through their own love story, Matt and Tammy open up about where they struggled most in dating and marriage and what held them together when they were both ready to give up. They share about what key experiences helped them really find their stride and how their family experiences growing up shaped the way they lead their own family today. And they share what their hopes are for their kids as they step into relationships of their own.

This episode is your own look into what it’s like to be married to someone who started a church all about being real and how to survive the moments that feel like they might break you.

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