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Episode 063 | Treat Yo’ Self

May 2nd, 2017

Can we really know what the afterlife, heaven, and hell are really like? And why do we focus so much on the size of the church? Or can a non-sexual dating relationship between two people of the same gender be okay? Pastor Matt, Justin, and Stephanie walk through your questions across a handful of topics while teaching us what it means to be real in serving the church.

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This week's episode begins with a conversation about healthy church growth and the need for individuals to personally connect with others outside of church on the weekends. As the discussion continues, Pastor Matt emphasizes the need for us to lay aside our expectations of what church should be, and embrace the way in which the Holy Spirit is moving to bring people into a real relationship with Jesus. The episode continues as Pastor Matt answers questions about making accurate Biblical assumptions concerning the afterlife and Jesus' teaching in Matthew 18.18 about the authority of the church regarding the discipline of relational sin. He also provides the reason God used circumcision in the Old Testament to identify the Israelites as God's chosen people and how that identification relates to us today. This topic initiates a discussion about whether or not non-sexual homosexual relationships are permissible and if remarrying after divorce is a sin. As the episode transitions to debriefing Pastor Matt's message, What We Do, he points out the enormous significance of the humility of Jesus as he washed his disciple's feet, a feat that makes him different from any other religious leader throughout history. The conversation about this act closes out the episode as Pastor Matt, Justin, and Stephanie discuss how we can know if what we are doing to honor Jesus is in fact, honoring Jesus.


Pastor Matt's message about Jesus washing feet

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