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Episode 074 | How to Be Wise

August 8th, 2017

If wisdom requires listening, how do you learn to receive criticism or pay attention when you’re easily distracted? Is there a difference between gaining wisdom and learning a skill? And how do you get to the other side of the story? Listen in as Pastor Matt dishes out wisdom on how to be wise.

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Pastor Matt begins this episode by pointing out the negative impact of technology on relationships and emphasizing the importance of developing authentic community with others. The episode then moves into debriefing the first message in the Back to School series, "Learning to Listen," as Pastor Matt evaluates his own ability to listen well and identifies ways in which he has learned to be a better listener. The team then discusses how to discern wisdom in every situation, the aspects of listening to more than just the words we hear, and the need for men to listen to the wisdom that comes from women.

As the episode continues, Pastor Matt addresses the way those with A.D.D. struggle to listen and emphasizes the need for them to develop the ability to focus. He then points out how to differentiate between evil and Godly criticism, how to receive good criticism well, ways for us to grow in financial wisdom and the need for us to be more courageous in our relationships. Pastor Matt ends this episode by affirming the Bible as the source of wisdom and sharing some additional resources that he utilizes to grow in wisdom.


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