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Episode 075 | Charlottesville: How to Respond to Hate

August 15th, 2017

When racial tension erupts, is there a wise way to respond? And if love is the best weapon to use against hate, how do you wield it? Pastor Matt Brown talks through what happened in Charlottesville, ways to be wise and how to find the facts in a world run by feelings.

Watch Pastor Matt’s sermon on Learning to Be Wise


The team begins this episode by debriefing Pastor Matt’s second message in the Back to School series, “Learning to Be Wise.” In light of recent events in Charlottesville, Pastor Matt talks about the current political and racial tensions in the United States and provides wise advice about how to counter hate with love. The team then discusses the need for community when assessing spiritual gifts and natural talents and what it means to be blessed with the spiritual gift of wisdom.

The episode continues as Pastor Matt talks about distinguishing facts from feelings and the way to act according to reason, even when we feel strong emotions. He then addresses racism, the factors that contribute to it, and the way God’s power can help us love our enemies. Pastor Matt, Justin, and Stephanie then move into discussing the nature and themes of the book of Proverbs and how the Old and New Testaments help us to fear God and experience his grace. The show comes to a close as Pastor Matt speaks about the wisdom that comes from believing in God’s valuation of us, even when we struggle to see it in ourselves.

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