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Episode 083 | The Beginning and the End (And Everything In Between)

October 10th, 2017

Does the Old Testament say that racism is ok? How do you see eye to eye with loved ones who view things differently than you? How do we become better noticers or less socially awkward? Listen in as Pastor Matt, Justin and Stephanie tackle all kinds of follow-up and off-topic questions.

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This Week's Topics

2:38 Is hell personalized based upon the kind of life that person has lived?

Yes absolutely, hell will be personal and suited to what an individual has done. The Old Testament talks about two understandings of sin: Iniquity and transgression. Iniquity are mistakes that we make that are unintentional. A transgression is intentionally doing wrong. All sins can be forgiven, but the bible teaches there will be harsher punishment for transgressors. Luke 12 gives an example of different punishments of supposed servants.

4:35 As believers how should we feel about Jesus’s return?

As Christians we know that Jesus is returning for us and that we will be with him forever, so we shouldn’t fear the tribulation or Jesus coming back. We should however, always be prepared for his return because it can be at any time.

10:05 If the Israelites are God’s chosen race and the Bible doesn’t condemn slavery, how do we know that God condemns racism?

We have to understand the context of what was being written about in the Old Testament. Slavery was the economy of the world at the time. The bible teaches that slaves have rights, they had a day off, and slaves could inherit property, get married, and equal in worship which was unheard of at the time.

19:00 Does racism only come from those who have power?

People who have power can oppress, but anyone can be racist. Much of the oppression that has occurred in our country in the past was out of racism, but not all oppression is out of racism.

21:35 What should we do if we have a family member who is a blatant racist?

We should talk with our family members about racism, and communicate that they are off in that area. We should challenge them address the wound that is causing racism in their hearts. If they are unwilling to heal in that area, there may need to be some separation and boundaries from that person.

26:25 How do we get along with a loved one when we disagree with on hot button issues?

We shouldn’t major on the minors, we have to decide what the things that are worth discussing are and what are the things that aren’t. We should love and appreciate each other and share each other’s hearts.

28:32 Is it okay if we aren’t gifted with the ability to notice the small things going on around us?

God gives us all different gifts and abilities. We should be who we are, but strive to be better for Jesus. We should also ask God to show us what he would like us to notice while being sensitive to his spirit.

31:28 Is a husband or wife considered unfaithful when they choose to look at porn and masturbate to it?

Yes, when we look at porn typically we are looking at adultery or we are a part of an experience that is between two people. Porn also diminishes the arousal and excitement that we have for our spouse.

36:15 Are we losing anything by using easier to understand Bible translations such as the NLT?

No, Sandals Church uses NLT because it is easier to understand. The Greek stays the same, but the English is updated. The NLT is translated thought for thought, rather than word for word like the ESV and NASB.

38:33 Can we believe in the teachings of Jesus without believing that he performed miracles?

No, Jesus said that the miracles that he did were signs to who he is and that is why we worship him. He wasn’t just a great teacher, he performed great miracles and rose from the dead.

41:14 How do we use judgement without being judgmental?

Being judgmental is having a critical attitude, where someone is looking for imperfections in people’s lives which we shouldn’t do. We do however, need to have judgement when it comes to what is right and wrong. Philippians 4.8 says that we should pursue whatever is good, whatever is right and whatever is true.

50:20 How do we share Christ with people if we feel socially awkward?

If we feel socially awkward we should pray and ask God if there is an opportunity for us to share our faith and ask if this is our fear or if God hasn’t gifted us to do this. We can also get into a group or with people who are good at sharing their faith and learn from them.

53:15 What should believers do if they are living as a family without being married?

If there is a couple at Sandals Church who live together with children they should start by getting in pre-marriage counseling, then make the covenant before God and their children. It is important to get married because just as when we come to Christ it was public, marriage should also be public.

55:41 How should we regard people who are asking for help on the side of the roads?

We don’t always help them by giving them money, however if the Holy Spirit prompts us we should give. The government has programs that will provide real help. Giving money to program such as Path of Life (an organization that helps the whole person) is the best route. We can also strike up a conversation with them if we are able to.

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